Millions of Peaches…Well, Just 4

grilled peaches
Oh my. I realized I forgot to talk about dessert from Saturday. Remember – it’s been a long week and I haven’t been thinking quite as clearly as usual. But still – you thought it was just pork chops and chile rellenos? Meh – you have no faith.. I mean, not that I made pie or oreos or baklava (yep – post coming soon!), but I did make a tasty treat. I can’t invite guests over and leave them without dessert – that’s just bad press. And it’s not nice. I’m nice. Most of the time.

Way before dinner on Saturday, my buddy Jennifer and I were at Green City Market. I didn’t have anything exciting to purchase, but could probably go just to gawk, hoping to run into a famous chef and/or sample all of the peaches and plums, most any weekend. She, on the other hand, had a mission: blueberries. Oh, and the Floriole Bakery scones. Damn they’re good. Blueberry this time. You remember those strawberry scones I made from my blogger buddy‘s site? Mmmmm….. I want to make them with blueberries now, and think I just might with some of those frozen berries from the other weekend. But this isn’t about blueberries. It is about fruit though. Peaches, if you were wondering. Millions of ’em. [Although FYI: I did pick up some lovely green zebras too. Stay tuned!]

grilled peaches

Ok no. Not millions. Although they did have millions at the market – near ’bout. Who knew peaches came in so many flavors! We’d been waiting for those Michigan peaches at the market for a while. I’ve already packed some away in a jar for safekeeping, but I was feelin’ the need for some fresh ones. Some grilled fresh ones. To follow protocol, we first made a bee line to the scones and then wandered around comparing peaches & berries (and prices, of course – gots to find the bargains!) until we decided on Ellis Farms for her berries and my peaches. Of course, Jennifer had some stock in the peaches too, since she was going to partake in their after-dinner glory.

I think people really started grilling like mad this year. I’ve seen a lot of posts about grilled fruit, especially grilled peaches. And although we grill a decent amount of things, I’m afraid my peaches have never really made it to the grill – they made it in my belly though, which is all that matters. But to stick with the grilling theme of the night, I figured why not join in on the fun? And I just happened to have some mascarpone cheese in the fridge. What? You guys don’t keep that stuff hanging around?! Oh snap… Ok – me neither. I had it for Battle Fig but ended up cutting corners and using made-in-baking-class-(frozen)-eclair-shells for another recipe. It was for the best – these peaches were begging to have some of that cheese slapped on them, and otherwise I honestly would not have had that stuff in the fridge.

peaches with mascarpone

I’ve seen a decent amount of grilled peach recipes, from blog posts to cooking magazines and even on NPR. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like using any of them. I think the premise is pretty simple and you can sorta make whatever you want, but if you choose to use a recipe, you might consider using this one because well, quite frankly, it’s delicious. De-li-cious. yes.

peaches half-eaten

Grilled Peaches w/ Mascarpone & Thyme-Balsamic Sauce
Original recipe; serves 4

Grilling peaches brings out the lovely sweetness of the fruits which pairs perfectly with the slightly sweetened mascarpone cheese for a great taste all on its’ own. But try the sauce with it for an added tanginess. The thyme infusion adds another level of flavor that makes the dessert unique and special. I’m sure this same recipe would be great with figs or other fruits, and I’m sure you could also substitute the thyme with other herbs, like rosemary or my favorite, basil.

4 fresh peaches, washed, halved and cored (peel only if you want – I don’t)
evoo for brushing peaches
1/2 c mascarpone cheese
2 T honey
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2-3 T brown sugar
2 sprigs fresh thyme plus some for garnish

Brush peaches with oil. Preheat grill to med-hi. While grill is preheating, prepare cheese and syrup. Mix mascarpone and honey together in small bowl and set aside. In a small saucepan over medium heat, add balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and thyme springs and let reduce for about 10 minutes, until thick and syrup-y consistency. Remove from heat and let cool somewhat.

Grill peaces for about 3-5 minutes on each side. Add a dollop of cheese mixture into each cored out peach half and drizzle with syrup. Eat peaches in their entirety and then lick syrup from plate. Don’t worry – it’s in the recipe – so you can do it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Millions of Peaches…Well, Just 4

  1. Jenn Sutherland says:

    Mmm – I love the addition of thyme – I bet it's fabulous! And I bet the mascarpone is awesome, too. I've been adding a dribble of vanilla to the balsamic glaze this week – wow. Such a simple dessert, and so amazing. We keep finding ourselves wiping our plates with our fingers, not to let any of the balsamic go to waste!

  2. Michael and Kenna says:

    Hi Heather! It's great that you found my blog by searching for a photo of Chef Pierre….isn't he the greatest?! Glad to have found your blog too…will add it to my reading list. What have you been up to now that you've finished the Kendall program? I'm taking my time through the professional cookery program….I'm not sure where I'll end up once I'm finished, but it sure is fun!

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