Originally, I thought I might do another post about New Year’s Resolutions, but seeing as how all those made last year didn’t quite turn out as planned, I figured that might be a waste of real estate. And while I didn’t achieve each and every one of them, I must say I’m glad I put #6 on the list (the one about eating at all those Chicago restaurants). I made it to most of them, but still have a few left to tick off, and a few new ones to tackle. If anyone knows how to get the folks at Schwa to pick up their phone, let me know.

So instead of more resolutions (I’m not making ANY this year, because I’m already gonna go out there and call this year the ‘year of doing things on a whim and not worrying about a thing because life is fantastic’ year, so with that, who needs resolutions?!) I thought It’d be groovy to look back, briefly, on twenty-ten. I’ve gone through the archives, picked my favorite posts (or recipes, or both) of each month, and away we go.

January: Moroccan Chicken Pie. Because I seem to love making dishes with Moroccan ingredients, Hubs’ birthday is coming around again soon (funny how they do that every year, eh?), and I know he’s gonna ask me for this. exact. dish. Plus, there isn’t much not to like about chicken, raisins, cinnamon, and phyllo dough, is there?

February: Homemade S’mores. I think I got a bazillion blog hits when I made marshmallows from scratch, and then I decided to go ‘balls to the wall’ and whip up not only the ‘mallows, but the graham crackers too. We tore through these puppies during one of many Cheryl/Luke weekends, and now that they’re on my mind, I’m thinking round two is in store.

March: Buttered Rum Sticky Buns. Every time I see a recipe for cinnamon rolls, I salivate like a rabid dog. Plus, these are flavored with a sweet, gooey, rum-spiked sauce, and they’re a tad crunchy, almost muffin-like. If you’re ever feeling less-than-awesome, making these will turn that frown upside-down.

April: Blue Cheese Scallion Biscuits. I like to call this my “tell-all” post, but it’s true. Following my big 30th birthday, I came to realize, and appreciate, yet again how awesome my friends are, and how awesome my husband is. But at the same time, I realized something really simple: “what goes down must come back up”, and that no matter how hard it is to realize, bad things happen in life, but good things do too. Plus, I got a fancy new camera and made some tasty biscuits to test out the photo skillz.

May: Grilled Veggie Pizza w/ Ramp Pesto. Can I say how much I admire (but also scoff at) the vegetarian? I had this crazy idea to go vegetarian for a month (minus fish, so pescetarian really), and it was much harder than I anticipated. The first week or two was easy, because I was full of ideas, like this a-mazing pizza, but after a while I just wanted a freakin’ BEEF burger, for cryin’ out loud! In the end, it was worth it, if only for this pizza, and another round of ramp pesto.

June: Gramma’s Pound Cake. My gramma died in June of 2010, and this Christmas was the first one without a regular visit to her at the “old folks home”. I miss her so, but I know she’s happy where she is. Plus, I find a little comfort in the fact that I found her pound cake recipe, and I made it, and it reminded me of her.

July: Baked Zucchini Fries w/ Romesco Sauce. Two good friends moved out of town in July, and as a result I realized that at the end of the day, the distance doesn’t really matter, even though I do horribly miss seeing them every couple of weeks. Plus, it makes for multiple awesome trips, mini-reunions, and plenty of opportunities to make more memories. We had Hope & James over for dinner before they left, and these zucchini fries were my favorite dish of the night.

August: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Does a girl need a reason to talk about chocolate chip cookies? I think not. Let’s just say that these are my favorite choco chip cookies so far, and the whole wheat flour makes me think I can eat like 10 of them. And I do. Also, Good to the Grain was my favorite new cookbook of last year, so there.

September: Pacific Coast Highway Vacation. A life-changing vacation, and that’s all I’ll say for now.

October: Carolina Pulled Pork. Even though Brook & Katherine aren’t hardcore NFL supporters, they didn’t turn down a Bears game that involved pulled pork. I think we ate it all in one sitting, or at least most of it.

November: Baked Pimento Cheese Spread. A tribute to a great restaurant in my hometown, and other things.

December: Guinness Ginger Cupcakes. Because ending the post with a cupcake never hurt anybody. Plus, there were made around family, which was the best part.

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