California is too Long

Some major things have happened around here in the last two weeks, aside from the part where I was able to have a special photo shoot with my cat (see below).

It won’t surprise you that wine is involved in at least one of them, or it shouldn’t, at least…

For starters, we found a place to live! This actually happened pretty soon after I got to CA permanently, which took a huge load off. We found a super-cute Victorian flat in NoPa/Alamo Square (one of the areas in SF we’d been eyeing all along), and we move this weekend. Of course, this also means we have to soon figure out what to do with all the extra stuff that won’t fit into this place, since it was either downsize or bust. Details…

We also got a new car! Quickly realizing that gas is expensive and small parking spots are the norm around here, our 4 door large-ish car got the boot. Now we have a way-adorable car that fits into most any parking spot out there AND will get me to work and back for a week on one tank, I hope.Β It’s too bad some of my pictures didn’t import correctly onto my computer, because if they did I’d be showing you some really awesome windmills on the way to Modesto (the closest Car Max, where we sold our car, in case you’re nosey). Such is life.

And then, I started my new job. So far, so good! As expected, it is insanely different from either of my prior post-grad school positions (for starters, there are 11 GCs, and I’m used to it just being me!), but I’m looking forward to changing things up. Plus, I get a little time off each week, and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that that’s going to be awesome.

We spent this past weekend (it was somebody’s birthday, remember?!) in Paso Robles, a much more quiet wine country than Napa/Sonoma area that’s halfway between LA and San Francisco. PR is full of many many great wineries and great food (links below, and again, I lost some of the pictures); it’s definitely a place we’ll visit again (since we, you know, are surrounded by wine country now). As you might imagine, we now have an extra case of wine to move. Again, let’s focus on the bigger picture here, shall we? We have more wine!

Of course, Chris and I love taking road trips together, and rarely run out of things to talk about, or music to listen to. This time, we talked about whether or not horses can sit. Despite multiple googles, I haven’t found an answer I’m happy with. So far, I’m willing to accept that in general, no, they don’t sit, but they can. It’s just not natural. Makes you want to road trip with us, doesn’t it? We put the F in fun, that’s right.

And finally, my favorite cat in the whole wide world purred in front of the camera, for a change. Remember? she’s usually clawing for bacon. Man, I love my cat.

So that’s about it for now. I’m off to move in a couple of days, so hopefully I’ll get that kitchen unpacked and get back to cooking regularly. I’d love to have something besides PB&J for lunch and frozen pizza for dinner. Wish me luck.

Paso Robles links

Artisan (great dinner. get the rabbit, even if it is the day before easter.)
Los Robles Cafe (omg. al pastor burrito? best horchata ever? heck yes.)
Farmstand 46 (great stop on 46W to grab a samich and snack for a winery picnic. or eating in your car between wineries.)

Dark Star (Anderson Rd – Cab Sauv/Syrah blend)
Brian Benson (Syrah, 2005 & 2007 vintages)
Opolo (late-harvest Zin, Cab Sauv/Malbec blend)
Justin (Bordeaux blend – Isosceles)
Eberle (Viognier, Full Boar Cab Sauv blend)
Tobin James (Zin, Sauv Blanc)
Tablas Creek (our favorite, where we found 3 new 100% varietals that we really really like: Mourvedre (typically seen in the Rhone blend, GSM), Tannat, & Vermentino.)

8 thoughts on “California is too Long

  1. I know you won’t believe me when I say this, but I swear this is the truth – last week I had a crazy dream about a horse sitting! I have no idea on the other details of the dream, but it truly did happen in my dream. In other news, I’m having lots of crazy dreams now — I’m 4 months pregnant! πŸ˜›

  2. CPS – yes, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to buying wine…. not a bad thing, right?!

    Allison – thanks! and yes, we’ll be settled soon, i hope!

    Elizabeth – that’s at least twice someone has recommended Nopa. can’t wait to try it – it is literally 1 block away!

    Kenna – that’s nuts! if i ever see a horse sitting, i will photograph it, for real. and congrats, again :)!

  3. I love the kitty pics, especially of the sweet little paw! I look forward to seeing your future posts about San Fran- I’ve never been but have heard such awesome things! Good luck this weekend!!!

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