Out Conquering Mountains

Howdy, folks. I’ve missed you. Believe it or not, I haven’t visited my blog at all since last Friday (!). That almost never happens, but we were fortunate enough to be staying at a resort sans (free) wi-fi. And since it was sorta like vacation, I didn’t mind.

Chris, on the other hand, was a little upset at first, but that’s just because he had a little work to do at the beginning. He got used to it, and he spent the ride home from the Oakland airport checking 4 days of Facebook posts. It doesn’t take much for us to “turn off” for a few days, and I’m glad we’re both able to do so, with limited issue.

With almost two weeks of September behind us, we’re now getting ready for a long weekend of visitors from Chicago, which means my time here is limited. But nonetheless, I made time to upload, edit, and post a few pictures for your perusal. While we didn’t rest much (I think we only had one day of sleeping in), we had a blast, and the early mornings were definitely worth it given what we saw and did in return.

We spent the first day riding ATVs through the Western Sedona Valley (word on the street is lots of western movies are filmed here). While the tours were designed for the beginner level ATV-er, it was still a lot of fun, and we arrived back at our resort with a few extra pounds of dirt apiece – in our ears, on our clothes, and in places I never thought would get that dirty from riding through those trails. We didn’t bring our regular cameras, but Susan (my mother-in-law) did bring a little point and shoot, so we were at least able to get a few shots of the Verde Valley, the ATV parade, and a few group shots.

On the way back from the ATV adventure, I spotted what looked like the perfect feat for the next day – Bell Rock. It is a ginormous blob of red rock with really great trails around it and up it. Since there were 6 of us (Chris, me, in-laws, and 2 of their besties, Nancy & Carl), each with differing levels of interest in climbing rocks, it worked out nicely because you could stop closer to the bottom and still see a lot of trail and rock, or you could make the ascent up for spectacular views. Everyone sorta hopped off at different spots, and I’m proud to say I made it up as far as (I think) you can go – to one of the pedestaled areas around the center of the rock. The view was amazing, and it wasn’t too difficult to get up and back down – I highly recommend this if you’re ever in Sedona.

Chris and I also managed to squeeze in a couple of wineries (duh) while the ‘adults’ were golfing. Arizona wine isn’t bad, and the folks at Javelina Leap even let us squash some of the grapes since they just finished the harvest. Good times.

Day three was the earliest of our days because we packed up and headed north to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The first half of the day was perfect, and we made pretty good time getting into the park and to the canyon. The Grand Canyon is one of those sites that you have to see it to really appreciate it. It is utterly breathtaking. The worst part? You have to walk down it first, and the trip up is the hardest. I sorta like to do the upwards part first, then take it easy on the back end, but I didn’t get to choose :(. Nonetheless, we made it down maybe 1/3 of the way (we hadn’t intended to go the full way – it could take all day!) and then we were taunted by Mother Nature, so we scurried back before the bottom fell out.

Anyway, the pictures definitely don’t do it justice, but it truly is amazing. Next time, I’d love to see the North Rim, since it’s apparently higher.

Unfortunately, the rain storms took the rest of the afternoon from us, but we still drove around and looked at another area or so before heading back down to Sedona. That place is pretty even in the rain.

On our final day, we “took it easy” and hiked through the West Fork Oak Creek Trail in Sedona. The trail itself is pretty long, but the main part of it, which we did, is about 6 miles round trip (I think; I’m not so good with the details since we weren’t the ones planning this trip). The walls of the canyon are pretty steep which is neat to look at, and the creek that cuts through the trail is one that gets crossed multiple times. There are a couple of great spots to stop to eat your pre-packed lunch, and plenty of nice, quiet areas where you could practically sit all day to hear the creek, the birds, and the wind flowing through the pine trees.

The down side to that trail, you ask? I’ll tell you – it’s the sign I saw right at the entrance that immediately had me in near panic mode, with flashbacks to last year this time.

Believe you me, the damn trail was heavily peppered with both poisons. I walked with my arms raised for a good portion of the trip, and when I got back to the resort, I swear I washed my arms and legs at least 10 times, hoping if I’d gotten into contact with any poison that I’d have time to wash it away before it penetrated my skin. I’m happy to report that, 2 days later, I am poison-free. I’m giving it another day before I call myself in the clear, but things are looking ok.

As a reward for our hiking efforts over the past few days, we had a huge hot dog at Señor Bob’s, which was finally open (things in Sedona are very “sleepy”, to put it mildly) and a big container of soft serve. Other noteworthy food spots include: the Coffee Pot Restaurant (good, simple Mexican and brunch-type stuff), The Hideaway (American-Italian with cheap, decent wine), and the Barking Frog Grille (pretty darn tasty Southwest Cuisine – I had a jumbo shrimp tamale that was insane.).

And with that, I’m going to have to wrap this thing up. It’s late, I have clothes to fold and meatballs to prepare for dinner tomorrow night, and there’s a bed beckoning me to hop into it.

To the in-laws and the Heides – thanks for a wonderful weekend! xoxo

ps – want more pics? here’s the rest – enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Out Conquering Mountains

  1. Susan Wetzel says:

    Great post Heather! We are leaving Sedona tomorrow for New Mexico. Great having you and Chris with us! We all found another BIG rock you may want to climb for next time!! Love, Susan

  2. Jennifer says:

    I need my hiking buddy back! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. I’m slightly jealous…ok, more than slightly. Sedona is beautiful with all that nature. 😉

  3. Katherine – true dat, homeslice!

    kalie – yes, indeed.

    Jennifer – there is definitely a lot of nature to be had out there. maybe we’ll talk the rest of the crew into some hiking in november?!

  4. POPS WETZEL says:

    H : We loved having you both there. Always wish we had more time together.Good news on the Ivy. Take care of my boy and we will see you Christmas. Love you both. POPS

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