Sorry, folks, I’ve been blog-lazy lately. Quite honestly, I’m trying to decide just how much, if at all, I want to blog. Four years is a long time, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, I at least wanted to share some thoughts and pictures from our trip to Greece. I’ll decide when the next food post will be sometime later.

That said, I decided that the best way to sum that trip up is to tell you what I learned, so here goes!

10 Things I Learned in Greece

  1. Europeans are just as slow about getting your luggage to you as they are about giving you your check at a restaurant.
  2. When you want said check at a restaurant, you should just plan on trampling anyone and everyone working in the restaurant. Otherwise you’ll be there for three hours, it’s just how they roll. And quite frankly, we were fine with that most of the time. Most of the time.
  3. And speaking of not having luggage, here’s a tip for you when you have to buy clothing: “medium” sized underwear in Greece is certainly not the same as “medium” in the U.S. I should have known…
  4. You can never look at too many Greek ruins. They’re just so dang cool, and so old!
  5. I mentioned this before, but man, Greek salads are the best thing since sliced bread. I miss them a ton.
  6. They say Oia in Santorini has some of the world’s best sunsets, but I’d be willing to bet that you could find a gorgeous sunset just about anywhere in Greece. The ones in Oia aren’t bad though, for real (see picture above).
  7. Regarding heat, I have really turned into a wuss. It was hot as balls there! Once back in California, it took a minute to adjust to not needing a shower and a change of clothes by 4 pm.
  8. If I lived in Greece, I’d totally be the crazy cat lady. Every corner we turned there were cats, cats, cats. If you look at our pictures, you’ll notice lots of cat pictures. We like them a little bit.
  9. Nescafe might be shunned here in the states, but they drink that instant coffee shit like it’s going out of style over there. I had quite a few ‘frappes’ (cold, slightly sweetened Nescafe and a little frothy milk) there and I gotta say, I learned to love them.
  10. Last but certainly not least: Never. Ever. Ever! trust Google maps while driving in Greece. If the road LOOKS narrow, it IS narrow. No matter what your husband says. Let’s just say I’ve never been happier about a 400 Euro damage responsibility on a car rental.
And now, a collage of each place we visited:





Really, an amazing vacation. But – no matter how long vacation is, I always want just one. more. day. Or two. And I’d totally go back to Greece in a second. Okay, maybe 24 hours of flying/layovers/ferrying, but still, I’d do it again.

Like I said, above is just a sampling of pictures. For the whole hog, head over to Flickr.

Some links/suggestions:

Hotel: Nissaki Beach Hotel
Touring: Hike Mt. Zeus (highest point in the Cyclades), Portara/Apollo’s Temple, Temple of Demeter, walk through Chora. If at all possible, rent a car and drive through some of the smaller towns. The food is the best out there.

Hotel: Petit Palace Hotel
Wine tour: Wine in Santorini, tour with Ilias to Estate Argyros, Gaia, and Domaine Sigalas
Beaches: Black beach, Kamari; Red Beach, Akrotiri
Food: 1800 Restaurant in Oia, Koukoumavlos in Fira, Argo in Fira
Touring: Ancient Akrotiri, walking along the caldera, cable car to the old port

Food: Orizontes Restaurant atop Mt Lycabettus, street carts selling koulouri, the Central Market
Touring: the Parthenon, ancient Agora, Mt Lycabettus, walk through Monastiraki and Plaka

2 thoughts on “Greece

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your trip looks like it was awesome. I’ll go back with you if you want. Just remind me to pack a pair of underwear in my carry on.

    Side note…if you stop blogging, how will I live vicariously through you?!? Does this mean I have to start cooking on my own?

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