I’m still here.


So here’s the deal: I like my blog. I like hearing from the 50 or so people who read my blog – whether it be an actual comment (but let’s be real, I get like 2 of those a month) or a remark in person or through email – I like knowing that people out there exist, and people out there benefit, to some extent, from my recipes, ramblings, and whatever.

I like that I can talk to you, without talking to you. Whatever.

But writing a blog for almost 4 years takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of effort. Reading a post every week is a ton easier, I promise.

And so, given that, I had pretty much decided that I had about 1 more post in me. And we’d be finished here. No more food photo-editing, no more recipe-writing, no more working on a post during any spare minute I had. No more remembering to post on Twitter and Facebook. No more linking to Pinterest. No more trying really hard to get a picture on Tastespotting, or hoping to get hundreds of comments and new readers.

But then I remembered that I also write this blog for me. I like to keep track of what I cook – my own site to highlight my favorite recipes, my food stories (and non-food stories, too), my travels. And I LOVE that if I want to remember how many times I’ve written about fried chicken, all I have to do is head to the recipe page and look. I love that I can easily find my granola recipe (even though I practically know it by heart now) and remember how I make pie dough that is awesomely flaky by finding the most recent pie I made (which has been a while ago, actually).

You see, it’s all of those things, taken together, that I can’t bring myself to let go of. I love this place because it’s mine, and because of that, I’m keeping it.


But my compromise to myself is that I just won’t be up here quite as much. Life is short, time flies by way too quickly, and I can’t be bothered to tie myself down to a schedule. So you might see me here every two or three weeks, sometimes more, and sometimes a lot less, I’m imagining.

I’m sure each and every one of you (which, if you care, is actually closer to a couple hundred instead of 50 because I totally don’t keep good track of stats. whoopsie! and yay!) will understand. And hopefully, you’ll still stick around.

Because when I get around to it, I have some tasty morsels to share, including another round of fried chicken (+ waffles! holy moly.) and finally, a pizza that I didn’t wrestle with (although, I still had to have a little more patience than I care for…).

But for now, I’m off to Boston for a few days. It conference-time again, and I get to see some buddies and if I’m lucky, eat some clam chowdah and lobstah.



10 thoughts on “I’m still here.

  1. Jenny Lee says:

    I for one enjoy ur blog. Have fun and happy writing! I look forward to whatever u dish out! Pun intended!
    PS….another reunion is around the corner!

  2. Keep it up! I completely understand the drag that blog writing can be, but even if you just write once a month, years from now it’ll keep on giving!

  3. Chris says:

    Even though I get to hear, and eat, the majority of what is written about here, I very much enjoy reading your musings. They offer me a bit of you during my work day, cause I just can get enough. Glad you are staying on the World Wide Web for us all to enjoy.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I completely understand and that’s why I got rid of mine as well! Only I actually deleted mine because stupid typepad charges per month. Which means, when I’m meal planning, I can’t just go look up a recipe anymore, and I have to remember what website/cookbook/yadda yadda I got it from! Quite frustrating! Enjoy your blog break. You are a great writer and I love that you’ll continue to keep the site up for when the muse visits 🙂

  5. DARLENE EPPS says:


  6. Jennifer says:

    Yay! I’m glad you decided to keep writing even if it is a little less frequent. I like hearing your stories and being inspired to try cooking new things (sometimes I follow through on actually making them, but it usually just makes me miss you b/c I used to get to help you eat your dishes).

    Have fun in Boston!

  7. Jill says:

    Hi Heather,
    I regret that I haven’t commented more on your posts. I look forward to them sooo much and have made several of your recipes. They have helped Paul expand his palate as we all know what a traditionalist he has been when it comes to food! We also enjoy your travel notes and beautiful photos; thrilled that you have become such hikers and explorers. Understanding how busy life is for everyone, we will happily enjoy whatever and whenever you post!

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