Life. 365 style. (1/8-1/21)

Remembering to take a picture every single day has been interesting. Not hard really, but just not quite a habit yet. I had to put a reminder on my phone for the nights I get home and just totally have nothing to show for my day.

Anyway, here’s some from the last couple of weeks.


8 – a really clear morning run along the Bay


9 – waiting to go home


10 – post-Bikram dinner (toast, fried egg, avocado, salsa). I could eat this every night.


11 – Keane at the Warfield


12 – soakin’ in the San Francisco sun! he didn’t even notice me 😉


13 – Goliath robot in Pacific Heights (from Stairway Walk #7)


14 – there is nothing more painful than watching the sun set while waiting for your 1-hour delayed train


15 – dentist waiting room. no, i don’t want to lounge on the couch. i just want to get outta there ASAP.


16 – birthday boy getting his favorite dish, Moroccan pie, 1 day early!


17 – a pretty good skyline view in Potrero Hill


18 – road trip! Paso, here we come.


19 – much-needed lunch at Booker Vineyards with Scott & Taryn. we worked for it!


20 – this is the “damage”. actually not too bad!


21 – 5:00 shadows

2 thoughts on “Life. 365 style. (1/8-1/21)

  1. jill says:

    Hi Heather and Chris,
    Happy New Year! Enjoy your blog so much and just caught up this morning on posts that I’ve missed. Really like your new venture in a picture every day. Lets us country bumkins explore your sights! We are “chillin” in central NY state in single digits; some sporting a minus sign!

    • thanks guys! there hasn’t been too much on the blog to catch up on lately, but i’m glad you’re still reading! i’ll definitely try to keep up with the 1/day picture-taking. we shall see.

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