Life. 365-Style. (1/22-2/4)

I swear I had a recipe post, but then I remembered I had 2 weeks of my “365” project to share. This blog, man, I just can’t keep up with it anymore! Forgive me ;).

Nonetheless, here’s some snippets of the last 2 weeks. Enjoy! (and seriously, I will definitely have food soon!)


22 – lotsa bikes on campus. (and sun!)


23 – chicken sausage lettuce wraps. Chris LOVED these things.


24 – 1 episode left in this awesome video game! it definitely makes the commute go quicker.


25 – Fridays are always better when Chris hops on the Caltrain with me. especially when he brings me beer ;).


26 – the silver lining in walking to your annual eye doctor. gorgeous houses in the Haight.


27 – and we’re off! (on a not-so-fun-trip to Dallas to help write a GC board exam. so painful)


28 – hotel room bathroom. being alone in a hotel room is always creepy to me.


29 – going home, and not without a Dunkin’ pitstop!


30 – a great day for a walk and lunch outside.


31 – Ben Folds Five. This took me back to the early 2000’s when Chris and I saw them in Raleigh, NC at the Ritz. Memories!


32 – another beer commute.


33 – potty, anybody? I mean, it does have a great view! (Mt. St. Helena peak in Calistoga)


34 – the cats like to sunbathe too. I bet it feels awesome on their fur.


35 – on the Stanford shuttle. talk about saving space!

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