Life. 365-Style. (2/5-2/25)

More 365! There’s still quite a few nights where I almost forget to snap a shot, but so far I’ve caught myself and found something picture-worthy.

You’ll notice that our lives are still pretty much the same: we eat a lot, we drink beer, we are out backpacking and hiking again, and as you might have also guessed, I am still trying my best to jog/run according to my “schedule“. If you’re curious (and I guess even if you aren’t, but you must be, if you’re still hanging along and reading what’s left of my blog!), we are on target with our “goals” for this year (see the link in this sentence). We are 8 weeks into the year and I’ve clocked about 82 miles running. I still need a bigger buffer than 2 miles, though. We are about halfway through the Stairway Walks book. I have managed to photograph something for 56 days straight. And we’ve got that awesome trip on lockdown, come May.

2013 is pretty awesome, so far. How you livin’?


36 – gotta love The Haight, one of SF’s finest neighborhoods.


37 – I love ragu-style dishes. This was a chicken/pork combo situation.


38 – dang Palo Alto. recycle much?


39 – I ended up at a meeting in Richmond, CA and found this amazing trail for a Friday afternoon run.


40 – up close and personal with Sutro tower. Another Stairway Walk, and this one definitely had a TON of stairs.


41 – we tried really hard to save up for our upcoming fancy dinner, but sometimes you just gotta partake in Beer Week festivities. kna’ mean?


42 – post-work run through Stanford’s “oval”


43 – the moon was smiling for a couple of nights. how sweet.


44 – pre-Vday flowers from my sweet. he picks them all by himself. so cute!


45 – instead of cooking this year, we went out for ramen, which is always quality, even on Valentine’s day. and SO romantic ;).


46 – getting ready for our first backpacking trip of 2013. can’t wait!


47 – we went a few miles out of our way in Pescadero County to grab some warm artichoke-garlic bread from Arcangeli’s grocer. believe me, it was worth it.


48 – Pescadero Creek county park. our campsite was nestled in the baby redwoods.


49 – I spent my Presidents’ Day holiday reading in a coffee shop. that’s the stuff dreams are made of.


50 – sometimes I see the weirdest cloud scenes on my commute home. this time the windows were clean enough to snap a shot.


51 – this is my “i almost forgot to take a picture, but aren’t the cats still cute?” picture.


52 – eatin’ like a single lady tonight. a rando “flatbread” with lots of cheese and homemade pesto.


53 – we saved our food funds this month and totally splurged at Benu with a 16-course food and wine-paired meal. I remember 98% of it, I swear. I totally was NOT that person taking pictures of all the dishes, though. during meals like these, I prefer to keep the phone in the coat check area.


54 – on Saturday, we (Chris) organized a massive bonfire at Ocean Beach. I made my old standby paella (par cooked and finished on the fire), and we had loads and loads of fun. Our house, however, still smells like a campfire and we tracked sand everywhere.


55 – I’ve had San Jalisco on my mind for months. we finally got there for brunch/lunch at which point I devoured chilaquiles and a michelada. the best one i’ve ever had, by far. who wants to go next weekend?!


56 – a run around the Campus Drive Loop and a distant spot of “the dish”. real life? I really, really needed to stop, and the picture seemed like the perfect excuse. don’t tell.

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