Life. 365-Style (2/26-3/11)

Here’s what the last 2 weeks have been like. Not too shabby. More backpacking, some cat pictures, and oh yeah, preparing for yet another move. This time we totally didn’t want to, but we are doing it anyway. It’s a long story, but in the end, throwing stuff into storage and living without a dining room and dishwasher for a short period of time was a no-brainer.

Anyway, here’s the happenings:


57 – lunch on the Embarcadero on a Tuesday off. If you’re ever down there for lunch, PLEASE go to Soup Junkie on Market and get the bun rieu (tomato and crab noodle soup). You will thank me, I promise.


58 – downtown view from Potrero Hill. And dang, that house on the left is INSANELY huge.


59 – I love when Sasha sleeps in the bathroom on the dirty clothes. Such a cutie.


60 – a super foggy morning. my red car really stands out here, eh?


61 – ok, duh, I didn’t take this, but still. We went backpacking in Point Reyes with our new water reservoirs.


62 – these are the water reservoirs. Best things since sliced bread. why didn’t we buy these when we first started backpacking?!


63 – someone tried to label Tange for storage. how rude.


64 – I know this is a horrible picture, but the highlight of this day was going to Chipotle. I love that place. Yes, I also love their chipotle sauce.


65 – I just have one word for this lady: WOW.


66 – it was a polka-dot day at work today. also, I started a new book called “Yes, Chef“. a good read so far.


67 – communication is key. that is all.


68 – i know this might look sad, but that cat was so cute! she was playing with a girl who walked by earlier. I wanted to yank her from the window, but something tells me that 3 cats is 1 too many for the new apartment.


69 – Tange is looking old and wise. I like the Victorians in the background, too. She will miss this view, but she’ll like the next one, too!


70- speaking of views, you can see Bernal Heights Park from one of the front windows. Not too shabby eh?

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