Life. 365-Style. (3/12-4/1)

Three more weeks in pictures. Lots of new house (ahem, tiny apartment) shots, because we are moved and settled! What an ordeal. So far, I don’t totally hate not having a dishwasher, but it is extremely annoying to not have garbage disposal. I pick shit out of the sink all the dang time. First-world problems…


71 – I had the Tuesday off before we moved in, so it was spent at the hairdresser’s, at the new place getting the painters set up to uh, paint, and eating lunch in Dolores Park. Pictured is the shawerma from Truly Mediterranean. And my chubby feet. Mmmm…. mmm….


72 – My friend/coworker, Frannie, and I have a Wednesday lunch ritual. This time, we got lucky and there was sun on campus. Gotta love Palo Alto in March.


73 – sometimes I can’t resist a good people-watching photo. this guy is ready for summer, and for the flood.


74 – I’ve since realized that this is a gang symbol. But when I saw it, I thought of my buddy, Caroline and her blog.


75 – into one place, and out of the other. walk-through with the landlord. and finally, a stop at The Mill for coffee!


76 – the boxes won’t quit. and Chris is waaaaaay tired of me being a drill sergeant.


77 – the mantle gets to showcase Chicago love. and yes, we still watch CSI. The original one. duh.


78 – it took some finagling, but thanks to Big Bob, the pot rack is hung. life is complete.


79 – grey shoes, grey stones. and grass!


80 – yay for gang graffiti.


81 – I started my Friday with my regular routine: coffee (tea the rest of the work week). But this time, I finally tried Philz. made me dizzy all day; that mess is STRONG!


82 – gave Mission Chinese another try since it keeps getting a ton of hype (and it delivers to our new spot!). Eh. Just eh.


83 – one cat in each corner, soaking in the sleep.


84 – finishing up an American Horror Story (Season 1) marathon. that mess was nuts!


85 – another Tuesday off, but this one involved hours of wasted time at the DMV and the SFMTA – all to get a neighborhood parking sticker. I did finish the day with some extra extra toasty yoga though, so that was nice.


86 – the sky is multicolored!


87 – I love him.


88 – Friday night takeout party! I could eat another pork bun right this second.


89 – I’m sorry, I know I already posted this on Instagram AND Facebook, but she’s just so dang cute! look at her scruffy neck hair!


90 – and then there’s this one, who gets into anything possible. that receiver is a warm piece of equipment, and she knows she isn’t supposed to be on it. so that’s why she is.


91 – and while this place is sans food posts as of late, I should add that I am still cooking. this is a quinoa “tabbouleh” salad from the True Food cookbook. It’s my new favorite resource for good, hearty, healthy things.

3 thoughts on “Life. 365-Style. (3/12-4/1)

  1. Matt and I just moved in Feb and we finally have a garbage disposal. I know what a pain in the butt it can be not having one! We also have the same Chicago poster framed in our apt and Matt successfully put up our pot rack in the kitchen, thank God! Ikea?

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