Life. 365-Style (7/30-9/17).

Hi friends. Thanks for all the kind words through your comments, calls, and all sorts of other ways. It means a whole heck of a lot. Things are slowly becoming normal again, a new normal, but still – it’s progress.

Meanwhile, I’m in North Carolina for this week and next – mom got herself a new right hip last week and I flew in to help out. She’s keeping me busy and her recovery is going really well, but on occasion there’s a little downtime. When I’m not eating BBQ in said downtime, I’ve tried to get these pics organized so we could get up to date for a change. So here goes:

211 – Tange had no idea what was in store the next day, and neither did I. This is her all nice and happy, the day before we found the tumor.

212 – Maverick has fried chicken night on Monday and Wednesday, so we finally decided it was time to give it a try. We’re hooked!

213 – Chris says Sasha isn’t chubby, but this picture says otherwise. She’s still a cutie though.

214 – Words to think about….

215 – Craftsman & Wolves has one of my favorite treats – toasted chocolate bread with ricotta cheese, vanilla, honey, and Marcona almonds. This is a version I made at home which is mighty tasty. Holy moly.

216 – Judy’s new doggy, Orson T Cumberbatch III, came to “Off the Grid” to celebrate Jared’s birthday, and he dressed up!

217 – Dinner for three: Tange loved her bacon!

218 – A coworker gave me some green beans, so they got tossed onto a mushroom-gruyere tart. Not bad for no real recipe!

219 – finally got to Kronnerburger. Sorta pricey for a burger and fries, but still good in my book.

220 – I follow the rules.

221 – STAY. As seen from the Tenderloin. No thanks, Tenderloin.

222 – Fiats in the water! This was an ad campaign over in Sausalito. Chris and I did a big bike ride from home to Sausalito (his first time biking over the Golden Gate Bridge!) and we took the ferry back. Way fun.

223 – Mission neighborhood mural art.

224 – We’ve had a gift certificate to Chez Panisse for a while now, so we finally went for their Monday night dinner, which is a little less expensive than other nights. My opinion this time around? Still overpriced and just blah. The coolest part of the day was going to Berkeley Bowl for groceries.

225 – we decided to watch Breaking Bad since we have HBO for a bit. This is going to be a problem. So good!

226 – Pi Bar is a spot near our house that opens at 3:14 each day and has specials until 6:28 each day. Genius! They have a great beer selection.

227 – the day before Tange’s surgery, she got plenty of love.

228 – ironically, Chris took a picture of Tange prior to going to the vet. We had no clue this would be her last photo-op.

229 – big tangerine flowers for Tangerine

230 – a stairway walk to get us out of the house. This was at Lands End.

231 – a cleansing salad, of sorts. Lots of cabbage and chicken. Good stuff.

232 – a good campus run

233 – card from the vet

234 – shadows!

235 – BART is always interesting. And, we’re headed to Chicago!

236 – it isn’t a visit to Chicago without a trip to Handlebar. This Bloody Mary was excellent!

237 – I miss the CTA.

238 – Chicago Millenium Park view

239 – hopping on the train to head back to SF. At the California stop – crazy!

241 (yes, there’s not a 240 – whoopsie!) – ready to bake some pumpkin rolls!

242 – kale and cabbage salad

243 – writing notes to the coworkers

244 – I fried a rabbit.

245 – Chris was really feelin’ The Beatles

246 – time for alfajores again!

247 – Happy Hour with my buddy, Sunny!

248 – look what Joanne made for me – a board of cupcakes in an “H”. We had a great farewell day with treats at work and a nice dinner. I’ll miss these guys a ton.

249 – last ride on Caltrain after a lovely happy hour with my Gwennie.

250 – my coworker Cynthia always called me feathers, so this seemed appropriate to send to her.

251 – as you know, I made maple bacon donuts the other day, so this weekend I did the same, but with pancakes.

252 – I’m now jobless for three weeks, and my flight to NC isn’t until Wednesday night. So for dinner, I finally got around to making a salmon dish I’d had in queue for quite some and it was worth the wait!

253 – a mid- afternoon beverage at Coqueta following a really really hard bike ride up through the Marin Headlands. It was well-deserved!

254 – our friend, Brad, was in town for the day and he and I tested our US map knowledge. We did just ok… (Note – we stopped when we got east because we have the east on lockdown. Duh.)

255 – flying the friendly skies. Waking up to a turbulent red eye flight into DC and then RDU.

256 – sunset at the hospital. Mom’s getting ready for rehab!

257 – a nice day for a run around the high school track near mom’s house

258 – rando Instagram shot of some good lookin grilling

259 – cheapo gas

260 – BBQ time! Charlie’s was pretty legit, even though their sauce isn’t as vinegary as I like. I let that slide every now and then!

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