Life. 365-Style (10/22-12/2).

Welcome to the new digs, folks. I’m still getting the actual site moved, but will be posting here from now on. It’s cheaper ;).

Below are a good months+ worth of shots. I’m ready for the year to be over so I can stop having to take a picture every day. It’s a lot of work. ha!

295 – Chris was mid-dance here. Lumberjack-style, no less.

296 – I had to lecture to a group of genetic counseling students at Stanford. It felt nice to be back! But sad, too.

297 – Sunset over Dolores Heights. These after work runs are harder with the sunset being earlier and earlier.

298 – a much-needed Friday happy hour!

299 – pumpkin carving at Liz+Kevin’s house. my first time, if you can believe it. Not sure how I’ve never carved a pumpkin before….

300 – caramel chicken. this was good stuff.

301 – Sasha continues her quest to lick all plastic in the house.

302 – waiting for the bus in The Mission.

303 – boots. (and yes, I forgot to take a picture so I just snapped the first thing I saw before I went to bed.)

304 – I’d never seen this movie before. Now, I know why.

305 – I think this was an 80’s flick like Breakfast Club. I can’t remember…but when I took the picture I thought it was really cool.

306 – hangin’ at Liz/Kevin’s. For the first time in ages, I totally rocked it at Hearts. #cardshark

307 – Sasha loves the stairs in our entryway. Every time we open the door, she runs out and up and down the stairs.

308 – the view from orientation. Not bad on a clear day, except I was only allowed outside for a few minutes.

309 – You’re jealous, aren’t you, ladies?!

310 – the first of many Korean-spiced pork burgers. I made a batch of 30 and froze individual patties. Tell me that’s not a smart idea!

311 – grilled cheese and tomato soup – the ultimate in comfort food.

312 – A Friday dinner at a new spot in town called TBD – this was their wood stock. It was nice, but not nice enough to get proposed at over dinner. That totally happened to the girl beside me. Her husband was lame, but her ring was gigantic. If only that balanced out…

13 – Chris getting excited about a bottle of wine from Deerfield.

314 – I searched high and low for all the ingredients for this Indian dish, chaat papdi. It was worth it, though. Like a burrito bowl in India, pretty much.

315 – It feels good to book vacation! Now May needs to hurry up and get here.

316 – banh mi pizza? totally. I’m all into the cross-cultural dishes this week.

317 – another episode of plastic-licking

318 – finally settling in to my new office – with a window!

319 – another Friday happy hour, this time at Rye.

320 – the last backpacking trip of the year. we even packed the heavy sleeping bags, and we certainly needed them!

321 – deer yoga?

322 – I can’t believe it took us almost three years of living here to see Brett Dennen. He’s one cool dude.

23 – rain in SF is like snow in North Carolina – it happens so infrequently that people absolutely can not drive. hence the red traffic lines – worst commuting day so far at my new job, but it still took less time than a good day at my old one!

324 – I finally dug back into the archives and made my version of pad Thai. Such a tasty dish.

325 – Having my old coworker Frannie as a friend means that she calls, I answer. I’m always available for an after-work cocktail, even if I show up in running clothes ;-).

326 – pizza take-out night called for a stop to pick up a bottle of my favorite condiment, ranch dressing. Pizza crusts never tasted so dang good.

327 – not a bad view for an afternoon run, eh? this was taken along the east side of the city, in Mission Bay.

328 – the shortest Stairway Walk of them all, in Sunnyside. This was taken at the conservatory.

329 – Chris’ version of tools.

330 – I took a slightly different running path and ended up seeing a great view of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower.

331 – We are headed to Seattle for Thanksgiving! My first time ever flying first class (it was just ok). And what you see Chris eating is his worst mistake – a gigantic hotdog the day before a feast. I totally told him so, too.

332 – Cheryl and I made name cards while the adults made dinner. Does Chris’ picture look like a Pilgrim, or Walter White?!

333 – What does a nosey pepper do? Get jalapeño business. And in my beverage. BOOM.

334 – How do 6 of us get around together? Why, we just cram into 1 small car and smile. Plus, we got plenty of nice fresh air while out hiking that day. A little snuggling never hurt anyone!

335 – Luke’s wallet. I think Cheryl bought this for him the first year they started dating. Which was forever ago.

36 – This was my view for my 500th mile in 2013!! I thanked Jennifer for ensuring that Seattle would be sunny that day.

That’s it for now! Only another month of these pictures to go!

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