Life. 365-Style (12/3-12/31).

I’m probably much more excited about this post that you guys are, but for me, this marks an end to a really long year of reminding myself to take a picture every day. As much as I eventually dreaded this task, I’m proud to say that I only missed 1 day. Hoo-fucking-rah!

We are glad to say goodbye to 2013, and happy to look on to what 2014 might bring. We hope to add to our family this year (and no, I don’t mean kids, I mean we might be ready for another cat!), settle down in a more permanent location (with a dishwasher), and continue our regular quest of backpacking more and enjoying the outdoors on the wonderful West Coast. We hope to see more of our family in 2014, and keep our fingers crossed that they all figure out a way to travel west, since, you know, planes go both ways.

Aside from that, 2014 is wide-open. Maybe you’ll see me more around here, maybe you won’t. I haven’t figured that out yet. So with that, here’s the end of the year in pictures. Amen to that.

337 – We never turn down a chance to meet up with Brook, one of our Chicago buddies. He was out for a business trip and we decided that, rather than unpacking from Seattle, we’d much rather eat pizza with him.

338 – It’s already looking like the holidays in our parts. The Mission is full of lots of colorful lights. Some tasteful, some super tacky. #missionlife

339 – This can’t be good, right? Mini dealership says it’s because of the unseasonably cold weather here. They best be right.

IMG_3586340 – Not a bad start to the day – a nice clean view of City Hall as I make my way to Philz for my Friday coffee treat.

341 – I love wandering around my neighborhood and finding houses I’ve not yet seen. The color schemes on the Victorians are really fun to look at.

342 – I can’t tell if she loves me more lately, or if I love her more. Either way, things have definitely changed now that there’s only 1 cat to love. Sasha certainly doesn’t hurt for attention. Or neediness.

343 – It is really cold here compared to regular NorCal standards. We turned on our heat, which doesn’t do much since there’s only 1 usable unit, and we bundle up.

344 – Think this would look nice in our house?! Just kidding. This is a shot from a random furniture shop in the Mission; I was helping a friend pick out some new furniture.

345 – This is a typical view upwards of a grocery store in our ‘hood. Need a piñata? Look no further than the produce aisle.

346 – A smoked paprika roasted turkey breast and kale salad. Although, turkey breasts last way too long when they’re only feeding 2 people.

347 – The Holiday cards are starting to roll in. Every single one we received this year had a picture on the front – how things have changed!

348 – This day was supposed to be filled with holiday adventures, like ice-skating, but we realized the ice-skating park was really really lame. So we went to a bar instead.

349 – The chocolate part of these cookies turned out great, but the peanut butter filling was way to slimy. Maybe because of the use of natural peanut butter? But don’t worry – they were consumed anyway…

350 – Sutro Tower at night.

351 – Watching highlights of Saturday Night Live. I really have no excuse for not watching that show more often.

352 – This is the stout from my hometown brewery, Mother Earth Brewing. We buy 2 every season. This bottle sat in the cabinet all year, and man, the bourbon barrel aging flavors really came through. Can’t wait for the 2013 version!

353 – SFO has an entire walkway of Japanese art displays, and this one was loaded with dinosaurs! SFO is hands down my favorite airport.

354 – My mom picked me up from the Raleigh airport and I had two demands before heading to her house: Bojangles and Dunkin’ Donuts. I might be running on fumes from the red-eye, but at least I have Dunkin’!

355 – I found Clayton’s new-ish brewery when in NC this past September, and had to take Chris for a visit. Always nice to have a local watering hole.

356 – Rayleigh sure loved some Chris. Such a cutie!

357 – I was helping my mom clean out some boxes, and I found a folder from my study abroad trip to Italy in 2001, which is where Chris and I officially met. This is the roster of the group – so fun to have those memories!

358 – We’ve since left my family and headed to Greensboro, where my brother-in-law, Matt, is making a gigantic pot of chili for the night. It was perfect since it finally got cold; we had 70-degree weather at my mom’s house the day before!

359 – Santa was busy this year!

360 – Sadly, I had to catch a super-early flight back to SF the day after Christmas to get to work, but I had a great trip nonetheless. I love the different colors of water near SFO, which I think is the Cargill Salt Ponds – all naturally colored water!

361 – We have a good set-up with our neighbors in terms of cat-care. I took care of Laz after I got home and he likes to come over and hang out with Sasha and me. I don’t think they like each other, but strangely enough, they don’t hiss or fight – they just follow each other around.

IMG_3682362 – Chris doesn’t come home until late Sunday night, so I’m a single lady this weekend. Which ultimately means that I talk to Sasha and take lots of pictures of her. But we’ve certainly enjoyed each other’s company!

363 – A nice Sunday walk up to Bernal Hill with clear views all the way around. Sutro Tower on the left, in the middle background is Mt Tam, and if you look closely in front of Mt Tam is a small view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

364 – Pizza + kale salad.

IMG_3707365 – I made it to the end! But Chris didn’t make it all the way to midnight without a little nappy nap. We took advantage of the situation, just like we would have at a high school slumber party. Maybe 2014 will be a year of maturing. But probably not…

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