Hello, world. Is anyone still listening?


As I mentioned a few months ago, I was able to successfully move my blog over to a different site, one that’s free and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. That’s important, since I’m rarely around here. But it’s also important because I like to have the memories – I don’t want this site – all these hours of cooking, taking photos, and writing – to disappear.

Just now, I was perusing the recipe archives for menu ideas this week, and came across a few of my favorite posts – some sad, some hilarious (I mean, dang, sometimes I crack myself up), and some downright weird (like, a month of vegetarianism?! wtf). It reminded me how much value this site used to hold in my heart, how helpful it has been to write my thoughts, for the few who read but mainly, just for my own benefit. It reminded me how much passion I have for food, for photography, and really, just for life.

We lose site of that sometimes, don’t we? Those important things. They are easy to forget in the ebb and flow of other moments.

So here I am.

What’s new? Oh, you know, not much. I guess my last real post here was last September, shortly after my baby kitty (well, of 14 years) died. I did manage to take a photo every day last year, which I shared here, but that really sucked. We’re still living in San Francisco, we’re still in that little ol’ apartment in the Mission (with NO DISHWASHER), and we’re still pretty damn happy and feeling rather lucky, overall.

We spent a really awesome week with Jennifer & Jon in Hawaii last month, we’ve continued hiking around California, and we’re planning to conquer Half Dome in July with Liz & Kevin. I still coax Chris into bike rides on occasion, too. Last weekend we took a ferry over to Angel Island (photo above), and I think he, aside from his knees, enjoyed it.


Sasha, our cat, is more and more loving every day. She’s still her regular skittish self, but she now ‘wears the pants’ in the family and has her way with the both of us. Chris sometimes worries that I’m stealing her away from him, but ultimately, we know she’s daddy’s girl. One day, we’ll get another little kitty, but it still doesn’t quite seem like the right time. I miss my Tangerine every day, and some days when Sasha jumps in the chair beside me, for a split second I think it’s Tange. The chair wobbles the same way, a loud thump and thud as she finds her balance. But that chair was Tange’s chair, and I keep meaning to fix that damn leg so it doesn’t make that same noise, but in a way, I think I like the memory. In a way. Sorta like the way a scar reminds you of something stupid you did – the hurt is still there, but the experience was worth it at the end of the day. Good memories.


I’m currently unemployed. Don’t worry – it is NOT a bad thing. In short, I had a very trying job. And now I get to really think about what I want in life, in my career. Being home alone during the week is sometimes really, really monotonous and boring (yes, that’s redundant; pun intended). But I’ve completed a few kitchen projects, I’ve watched a lot of ‘Parts Unknown’, I’ve gotten out on my bike and I’ve even tackled some trail runs. So far, I only busted my ass once. Also, I’ve eaten a lot of tacos. I do live in the Mission, remember.

We were in the process of house-hunting until May. Unfortunately, people in the Bay Area happen to have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, and can often pay cash for condos. We are not those people. In fact, we’ve worked really hard to just save a down payment, of sorts. As such, we’ve lost a few bids on places we really liked. But truthfully, it’s better this way, for the time being. We’ll pick it back up once I figure out my job stuff. Meanwhile, I miss my dining room table, the other half of our couch, and plenty of other items locked away in storage.

But at the end of the day, we have everything we need, and more.

So that’s all for now. I just thought I’d say hi to whoever’s listening. Hi, and I’ll try to show up around here on occasion. I took a few food photos the other day, so maybe I’ll get back into that process again. We shall see.

How’ve you been?

country, city

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need

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