A Little Adventure

I went back and forth about whether or not I’d write any real posts about this adventure, but I ultimately decided it would be nice to have some sort of documentation on some of this planning, and the days leading up to the big day – so here goes –

So my friend, Jennifer, and I are doing this crazy thing this month. And saying, “this month” is sorta freaky now…

Over a year ago, we thought of this crazy idea to do a backpacking trip together, and decided that hiking the John Muir Trail sounded relatively “doable”. Of course, we later learned the difficulty in obtaining permits, and wondered if we’d even be able to go… but we tried anyway! After deciding on a large range of potential dates this summer, we started the permit process and a few days later, we were feeling a little like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. A golden ticket!!! Hells yes.


But truthfully, we were both sorta like, “Holy shit. Now we have to do this thing”. And I know I for one was like, “Holy shit. Now we have to do this thing, and can I even do this thing?”.

This was back in January.

We are leaving in less than 3 weeks, and back in January I thought this month would never come, but now that it’s here I go to sleep with the jitters every night. It’s pretty exciting just to think about going, I’ll be honest.


So here are the details:

  • The entire trip will take 21 days, starting on 7/25
  • The John Muir Trail (JMT, or “jimt” as we say for short…) is 221 miles; our total hiking will probably be closer to 230.
  • We have 1, maybe 2, days of no hiking, what we call zero days. This all depends on how awesome we do.
  • We are NOT carrying 21 days of food – we are resupplying at 3 points along the way – one of those points is Chris, who is joining us to hike the last 4 days and bringing one last batch of food (and whiskey!).
  • There is relatively NO cell service, so we will not be live-blogging this adventure. Plus, that sorta defeats the purpose of going remote, anyway.
  • We will, however, take a shitload of pictures, and we have trail journals, and we even have a playlist for early days at camp, and songs like “Push It” if we are struggling up a mountain. Yeah, I’m serious about that. I’m sure I’ll need anything to get me up those ‘hills’.

And finally, we will both look absolutely stunning for all 21 days, because, well, just look at us:

IMG_3486 IMG_6648

More later. I’m considering a detailed post about our itinerary, and one about the cooking prep, since this is technically a FOOD blog.

Peace homies.

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