In Transition

I feel like we’ve been in this transition process for years already, but nope, it’s only been a few months.

The planning is pretty intense.

For starters, our house is a mess. I guess that helps it feel a little less like home, to be honest, but I can’t say I enjoy staring at a bike rack that should live in the attic. We’ve been tackling project after project since April – some are small things here and there to get our flat on the market, some are things to get us ready to move across the country, and some are road trip/packing projects. The house projects are the worst – as is always the case, every small project turns into something bigger. You think you’re just gonna hop over to the nearest paint store to buy paint for the deck, but the paint was special mixed years ago and no one can do that anymore, the “match” doesn’t match, and then after 5 trips to the paint store you realize you’re painting the whole deck anyway (neighbors too) so you finally just say ‘what the hell’ and get a different color altogether. But then the guy painting it ran out twice and you end up going back for more and then the store runs out and you have to wait a few days for the last gallon and then finally, sweet Jesus, it’s really done. That sorta stuff has been par for the course over here, folks. But man, it looks great! Shoulda painted it a couple of years ago, but whatevs.

Then there’s moving. What do we need for our trip? What do we need when we get to NC? What can go in storage until we buy a house? And it’s not just Chris and me anymore – what does Wilder need from now until we settle and get our stuff out of storage? What toys will he want now, what will he grow out of while it’s in storage, and what clothes need to be with us versus available when we get to NC versus ok to pack for 6 months or longer? And by the way, this kid is an official toddler now – walking all over the place – so that’s great timing right before we stick him in a car for 3,000 miles. Oh! and we have cats too, you know. They don’t just walk across the country. And they can’t road trip with us in a hatchback. So when do we fly them out and how do we time it just right so they settle in a little bit at their grandparents’ house, but don’t stay so long they forget us?

I’ll be impressed with all three of us if no one ends up with any major damage by the end of this.

In some ways, I’m so ready for Phase 2 (road trip) to start and to get out of our house. Sure – it means we’re also leaving San Francisco when that happens. But I’m ready. For the most part, I’m ready. Ok, I’m not ready. But it’s inevitable – we’ve made this choice, our cats and 6 cases of wine are all at my in-laws’ house (and they get to keep NEITHER of them. You hear me, Barry?! Chris inventories the wine.). Movers pack tomorrow and load on Monday. We canceled swim class. We don’t have daycare anymore, and those wait lists are months long. There really is no turning back, essentially. And we’d have to be finding some jobs real soon if we were staying here. Minor detail, but this city ain’t cheap.

So yeah, let’s get this show on the road (bah dum ching!). Let’s get the car loaded, let’s say a few more goodbyes, let’s finish those 4 bottles of wine, let’s cry and cry and cry as we walk down our stairs and outside one last time, and (fingers crossed!) let’s have just enough time for some snuggles from Vivi’s much-anticipated baby that is being super stubborn.

I’m ready. Reading to get camping, driving, hiking, and exploring the country with my loves. I’m ready. to. roll.

But really, I’m not.

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