I Left My Heart in San Francisco

IGZIeqSZTLSzFtZnqbDRMgI promised I’d try to write a little here and there while we were on our road trip, so here goes Post #1. Let’s hope it’s not 1 of 1!

It’s been about a week since we left San Francisco. It was emotional, but that probably goes without saying. It sucked. Last Monday (6/11), we watched our belongings get loaded into a truck, piece by piece. It’s weird – this event that you completely and totally planned, that you paid for no less, and then when it’s happening you feel so helpless. They just take everything! It’s so sad. And then you’re left with this empty home that used to be so vibrant.


This is the home we were so happy in. We did renovations here! We don’t do stuff like that. We put up a backsplash. We added a bathroom (okay, we paid someone else to do that). Geez ya’ll – this is the home where my water broke and three days later, it’s the home we brought a baby into without a clue as to what to do with him. I will never forget those moments. And if that isn’t enough, we watched that tiny baby turn into a walking little boy. He took his very first steps here. No other place will have these experiences – all of these firsts. It’s hard to leave a home with those sorts of memories.

It’s hard to leave San Francisco.


But we did. And now, we’re on the road having the time of our lives. Camping, driving, hiking, crying (mainly Wilder on this one), meeting lots of people along the way, and creating a ton of new memories as we journey to our new/old home in North Carolina.

I’ll stop here and start #2 with the trip itself ;).


One thought on “I Left My Heart in San Francisco

  1. Debby says:

    Sadness…I remember leaving all those things in our Cary home…**sigh** Oh! and you need to update your bio to include being a mom to more than felines!

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