Nap Shenanigans

Yes, I realize I still have to write a quick post about the rest of our road trip. Spoiler alert!!: we made it and we’re settled in at Chris’ parents’ house until September.

But I interrupt that to bring you an installment of what I call “nap shenanigans”. Normally nap time is very easy around here – maybe a couple of minutes of crying but after that Wilder is out and sleeps 2-3 hours or so every day.

But today was sorta funny. See pictures below with short description under each one.

Just a typical screenshot of Wilder in his crib at his typical nap time (~11 AM). Note this time he was put in without his PJ pants (full of blueberry mush from breakfast), and we have reinstated his cloth diapers as of a couple of days ago. Leroy, the fox, and Cubbie, the bear are still in the crib (bottom right), but will soon be thrown out, as usual because Wilder is an independent mofo and refuses to have a lovey.

Wilder isn’t quite ready for bed yet as evidenced by him standing up, but this is still pretty typical of the first few minutes.

One minute later, Leroy and Cubbie are thrown overboard. Typical!

Two minutes later. “Hmmm… now what? I’ve already thrown my animals over and I’m not quite sleepy yet. I know! Let’s investigate this diaper situation since those ding dongs left me without my pants. Yep, I can easily remove it. But now, if I can just get it out from under me….”

This is not typical. Again, he normally has on pants or at a minimum a onesie that is covering his diaper.

Two more minutes go by and look! There goes orange cloth diaper, overboard and joining the rest of the “crew” that Wilder has dejected.

A few minutes go by. “La! Dee! Da! Donald Duckin’ it in my crib! Still not sleepy though so I’ll need to find something else to do to pass the time.”

A few more minutes. “I guess I’ll just sit here for a few and stare at the door. Maybe mom or dad will notice I don’t have my diaper on and they’ll come back. Hmmm…. Nope. Still nothing. What else can I do to get their attention?!!”

“Ta da!!! Take that, mother fuckers! I made you something extra special.”

Another minute passes, still with no rescue from mom or dad. “I suppose I’ll just stare at this masterpiece that miraculously exited my butt. What IS this thing, anyway? Must touch to find out.”

Meanwhile, I’m desperately trying to put a puzzle together (because that’s what you do when it rains constantly in North Carolina), and I keep hearing this child upstairs, clearly taking longer to go to sleep than usual. I pull up the Nest Cam and what do I see but the screen above and I call Chris in to look.

“What the hell is that in his crib? It looks like shit.”

Chris is also perplexed, folds to Wilder’s shenanigans, and goes to investigate. We both agree – what difference will it make? he’s not close to being asleep at all so may as well go in.

And yes, dad to the rescue, but looking baffled as all get out because yes, oh yes, that is a big ol’ turd.


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