happenings, part 3

Today is picture day. So let’s get this party started, and I’ll give you a quick run-down of how the week turned out from showing you some pics from my iPhone and camera. Mostly iPhone, until it took a dreadful turn for the worst.

First, the above is the view from Le Cuvier winery in Paso Robles. We tasted some good wine, ate some nicely paired snacks, and then chilled outside and pretended we lived there (feet propped up and all) until it was time for lunch.

We even managed a group shot in between chilling and well, chilling. It wasn’t nearly as hot on Sunday, the day this picture was taken, as it was Saturday. You wouldn’t have wanted to see pictures of us in 95-degree heat. That was intense. And really sweaty.

I think this was from the weekend beforehand, but I have to share a picture of this cute little cat, sleeping on the porch at the neighbors’ house. And those poppies – aren’t they gorgeous?

I should also add that my birthday was on Monday, and even though I haven’t gotten an actual cake on my birthday in years (okay, in 2 years. I am sooo dramatic), I did have a tasty meal at Artisan Saturday night with enough dessert to make up for that. Come Monday night, we had no plans and went out for some impromptu ramen and fro-yo in Japantown. Not a bad birthday at all.

Oh, and if you’d really like a good laugh, here’s a few videos of my niece and nephew wishing me a Happy Birthday from North Carolina (#1, #2, and #3). Thank goodness for videos.

Also, I see this every day on my way home from the train station, at least on the days I take the train. It’s painted on someone’s garage door so that folk don’t park in front and block the driveway. If you know anything about San Francisco, you’d know that parking is an absolute bitch. So signs like this are probably pretty effective.

To finish off “concert month”, earlier this week we saw Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band for the 6th time. It’s inspiring how some people just don’t age a minute. Bruce is one of those people – flawless, timeless, beautiful, and memorable. The tribute to Clarence was perfect, the show was unforgettable.

To top things off, I managed to get a comp-day off the following day, and I really soaked it up and got a ton of things done: a morning run that wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as I’d hoped since I had no energy, homemade oatmeal (one of my favorite breakfasts), grocery-shopping, blowing my birthday loot at Anthropologie (thanks Chris, in-laws, and Pops!), hitting up my favorite coffee shop in the city (Four Barrel, duh), and hot yoga-ing. Got home just in time to make dinner, do some laundry, and watch Survivor. I could really get used to the not working thing. But by not working, I suppose I’d have to cut out all of the above except well, laundry and tv. So never mind…

Of course, all good things must come to an end, right? I’ve managed to take care of an iPhone for years, and out of nowhere, the thing slipped outta my hand and landed face down on the freaking pavement yesterday. So if you need me this weekend, my guess is I’ll be M-I-A if I can figure out a way to get this thing fixed.

So with that, let’s hope your week started off strong and ended that way, too. There’s a tasty beverage with my name on it, and I’m tossing it back as soon as I leave work.

Happenings, Part 1

I was thinking the other day (I know, I know) about this little blog. I was thinking about how I do love for it to be about food and about recipes I’ve tried and loved, and about stories that may or may not tie in to those recipes. That will always be the focus here, because that’s what got me started writing here. Not writing here about food and recipes would just seem weird, I think.

I want to keep it that way for as long as I can, until I get absolutely tired of blogging every week, or whatever. But I also decided this: I want to add a few random things, too. Sorta like our Stairway Walks (which we are WAY behind on), or our travels (even though those are often about food, too). Whatever the crap is on my brain at the moment. And while I’d love to promise something every Friday, I know better than to commit to that. Sometimes it’s hard to blog every Tuesday…

Thanks to those of you who provided the inspiration, even though you didn’t know it – Heidi, Tracy, and Liz. Now I’m going to sort of copy you :).

So anyway, here we go.

Today I’m going to share a list of some of the most awesome things that I’ve done, that I’ve eaten, or that I’m into from the last couple of weeks. Hold on to your pantaloons, people!

  • First and foremost, I can’t tell you how freaking excited I am about this concert. I bought pre-sale tickets earlier this week and I am PUMPED. Yeah, I am excited about this guy and this band, too (and the venue! hint – it’s in the beginning of The Rock, one of the most awesomest movies ever), but I’m probably MOST excited about this one. Hoo boy.
  • Also, I’m slowly becoming addicted to PINTEREST. I know I’m not alone. Are you addicted yet? Or are you like my husband and you “just don’t get why that site is so popular”? I mean, for serious, it’s a virtual corkboard. Duh. So feel free to follow me, if you’re into that sorta thing. And join, so I can follow you!
  • Cold-brewed coffee sounds so excellent right now. Especially this one that’s made like the coffee in New Orleans. Tasters.
  • Speaking of coffee, I am also addicted to this place. Never mind the creepy picture on their site, their lattes are the best I’ve ever had, and I get them with soy instead of whole milk because it feels healthier…
  • I was in Charlotte, NC for a conference last week (at which time we also did our regular “driving around the state” to visit friends and family), and I was surprisingly super impressed with Charlotte. I don’t know much about the city, but after spending almost a week there I have to say – not bad at all. Obviously, there were loads of nice southern people (sooooo nice! I forget, sometimes) and the weather was gorgeous. One of my favorite spots was this restaurant. It shouldn’t surprise you – because it’s SOUTHERN FOOD. I forced my dining companions to eat pimento cheese crackers and deviled eggs (although I must admit, mine are better…), AND they both ordered the fried chicken. Aside from the great food though, this restaurant has a mission unlike any other: 100% of their profits are donated to feed the poor in Charlotte and everywhere else. They also employ people who may not get jobs as easily as others. And like I said, the food is great, too. If you’re ever in the area, you have to try it. In the words of the annoying Ina Garten, “how cool is that?!”.
  • What else? Oh! I bought some new kicks this weekend. Since I have slowly been learning to run for longer than 1 minute, I’ve run holes into my probably 10 year old sneakers, so I am finally retiring them. Plus, these are way cuter.
  • Also, I watched the movie that everyone else is watching this weekend. As usual, the books are way better, but hello, Lenny Kravitz is in the movie! And Woody. He makes a great drunk.
  • BBQ. Need I say more? I got yelled at for calling it “pulled pork” when I was in North Carolina, but I suppose I deserved it. We did get to visit my favorite spot for eastern NC BBQ when we went to my mom’s house. And earlier this week, we even tried BBQ in San Francisco! We also hung out with some really cool new friends. Thanks, Luke :).
  • The empty plate up above? That’s because the burgers here were so damn good I couldn’t stop. Also, it had pimento cheese on it. And tater tots on the side. Heaven!
  • Last but certainly not least, these exact prints are on my “to buy” list. I’m going to redesign our little office nook soon and yellow and grey are the colors. We’ll see how long this “project takes”.


What’s on your mind lately?

Oh, and Happy Spring. It is lovely outside, isn’t it?!