Life. 365-Style. (7/2-7/29)

Man, ya’ll. We had a *heat wave* this month! And in SF, that means it hits 80 a few times. It was magnificent, and so odd for summertime.

Oh, and since it’s well into the second half of 2013, I thought I’d take this chance to update my progress in my “goals” from the first post of 2013:

  1. Run 500 miles this year. That’s roughly 10/week, so as of today I should be at 300 miles. Here’s reality: 309.33. BOOM.
  2. Finish the Stairway Walks: we’ve walked 20/29. I’m betting it won’t be a problem to get those last 9 finished this year. BOOM again.
  3. Take a picture every day: this is the hardest of them all, honestly. I won’t be doing this in 2014, but so far, I’ve managed to pull something out every day. BOOM BOOM BOOM.
  4. Go somewhere awesome: this was the easiest. Peru was awesome. Other small trips were awesome. And in late August, we’re heading to Chicago, which is awesome again. Quadruple BOOM.

And now, the pictures:


183 – one of our commuter systems, BART, went on strike recently. the gates were shut to get through to the BART side and a whole bunch of folk were p-o’d.


184 – gotta love an impromptu happy hour with coworkers! it was much more fun than running ;).


185 – we found a perfect spot to watch SF’s fireworks from Bernal Heights. it was so clear that night it was insane. the fog has usually taken over that part of town by then!


186 – Chris made me watch Sinister. it was uber creepy. and Ethan Hawke looked funny in a man-sweater.


187 – Chris, Judy, Jared and I headed out really early to Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport. we rummaged through the strawberry fields. well, some of us stared off into the open air…


188 – my loot! i ended up making jam (strawberry-lime and strawberry-balsamic), strawberry-buttermilk sherbet, and then we ate a lot of them too.


189 – I hope he wore these kicks last week! he was in the front car of the Caltrain watching the track. super cute.


190 – afternoon sun.


191 – i want to make this dish. it’s called a “veggie ceviche”.


192 – Frannie’s delicious cocktail stories made me wanna try a recipe i found. this is st. germain, tequila, lemon, and thyme simple syrup. it wasn’t bad. not at all.


193 – I had a Friday off (crazy!) and went back for my favorite breakfast at Craftman & Wolves (the toasted chocolate bread). then i went and sweated it off at yoga.


194 – this cat gets herself into the damndest places. she keeps thinking she’s gonna jump on top of the hutch. i don’t think she knows my wrath yet.


195 – we did a stairway walk out in St Francis Wood, a ritsy neighborhood. that house is for 1 family! in our neighborhood, that would be 12 units. ha!


196 – i looked outside this morning and this bird was staring in. totes eerie.


197 – Chris was in Austin for a few days, so I wandered down to Philz after work for some qualitee people-watching. never disappointed.


198 – pineapple close-up!


199 –¬†blue house, blue sky. but much chillier than it looks!


200 – grilled chicken on a Friday night indoors. i think i fell asleep at 10 PM. i know how to live!


201 – we actually went out to Speakeasy Brewery this afternoon, but happened upon a wine tasting when we decided to stop by Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous for ice cream. talk about a perfect day!


202 – We spent the day being So. Classy. by first going to a free concert from the SF Symphony in Dolores Park, then dinner at my chef crush, Michael Chiarello’s, new restuarant, Coqueta. We ate a bunch of small plates and, while we didn’t plan to on a “school night”, we ended up with a couple of cocktails apiece. This is the “Revolution”, my favorite drink of the night. Food-wise, I could eat a whole plate of the “tattas bravas”, and the duck meatballs weren’t bad at all. Chris could have easily filled up on the cheese plates, his favorite food group.


203 – Steven’s Creek Trail in Mountain View. a nice break from my typical Mission or Stanford campus runs.


204 – I had leftover frozen “mornay” (cheese sauce) from a mac n’ cheese dish I made a while back. I wasn’t sure how the frozen cheese sauce would be once thawed, but as it turns out, it’s just dandy. I also mixed in a couple of frozen cubes of pesto sauce. Not bad for a last-minute dinner ;).


205 – another day of construction in the building of a new hospital.


206 – An impromptu dinner/beer night at Pi Bar just *had* to end with a stop across the street for a cookie. Right?


207 – Where’s Sasha? And how did she get there?

photo (1)

208 – A night out in Berkeley at the Greek Theatre to see The Postal Service. The show itself wasn’t that great, really, but we still had a great time!


209 – The weather was a little foggy this weekend (a true “summer” in SF, not this heat wave stuff!) and it was the perfect setting for a nice big bowl o’ ramen. One of our favorites, Halu, is closed on Sunday, so we went to an easy standby, Tanpopo, in Japantown. it hit the spot.

photo (2)

210 – Even though I’ve lived in CA for 2 1/2 years now, the palm trees still make me smile :).

Life. 365-Style. (4/2-4/29)

Sheweeeee, April just disappeared, didn’t it?! I was pleased to find that I only had 4 weeks of “Life” pictures to update, because it certainly seemed like much longer since I’ve been around these parts.

It has been a great month. Lots of sunshine (and some sunburn. in April! in San Francisco! well…. mainly out of town..), lots of gatherings, some fun trips, blah blah blah. See for yourself:


92 – not a good start. My 9:00 PM reminder (also, see the microwave time?) buzzed and all I had to show for it was a picture of a quinoa and bison meatball soup. The soup was great, but the pic? Not my best ;).


93 – a nice day for a lunchtime walk outside at Stanford. love those flowers!


94 – say hello to Jennifer & Jon! we did a little FaceTime to check in on them since their move to Seattle (!!).


95 – my friend, Frannie, had a massive shoulder surgery and has been “stuck” at home, so I delivered some homemade mac n’ cheese. she put me to work shaking a cocktail, but dang, it was worth it!


96 – this is why reading in bed never works. she is on her way to the small spot between the iPad and my face.


97 – Chris and I happened upon this spot on 24th street in our new ‘hood. Still not sure why we haven’t been yet! Records, pig, and pie? oh my!


98 – I was at a 2-day committee meeting in Phoenix and this was basically what that meeting consisted of. Yes, I ate Sun Chips for the first time in years! And plenty of other snacks too. It’s all about staying focused…


99 – ready to get home! goodbye, Phoenix!


100 – hello, Palo Alto. another lunch walk. it is definitely Spring here!


101 – instead of 90 minutes of hot yoga, I called Chris and told him I was more interested in checking out Hi Lo BBQ. ’twas a good choice.


102 – Bernal Heights from my angle. Wouldn’t living there be so fun? Well, unless you had to walk up it every single day…


103 – the view from Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, about 30 minutes east of SF in Richmond. sunscreen would have been really nice here. also, if you look closely, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. see?


104 – a trip to Japantown. apparently the Cherry Blossom Festival was going on, and the bands were setting up. Cool mural, eh?


105 – shrimp, couscous, feta, and zucchini. also, another night of almost forgetting to photograph. look at those leftovers!


106 – I am usually not too into the genetics/DNA stuff, but I thought this was timely, since I’d just finished dinner with a couple of fellow genetic counselors when I spotted this in a window on Valencia street.


107 – this is the site of my worst run ever. I think. note to self: coming down with a sore throat/almost cold doesn’t mesh well with running in heat. I think I made it 1 mile and stopped about 10 times. ha!


108 – we took a road trip to Los Angeles Thursday-Sunday (well, Monday – stay tuned) and stayed in this adorable place we found through AirBnB that was essentially a treehouse in the hills. There were lots of cats, but this was the friendliest. She just hopped in bed with us like we’d known each other for years. Chris would probably like for me to add here, that the point of this trip was too see Rush get inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. It was pretty spectacular; I won’t lie.


109 – we got up nice and early the next day and did a sweaty hike up to the Hollywood sign. it made eating pizza at Mozza and an amazing dinner at ink. totally ok. right?


110 – after the required trip to an LA record store for “record store day”, we headed to the Angeles National Forest for a little backpacking adventure along a part of the Pacific Crest Trail. We veered off a bit and hiked up to Mt Hawkins (8800 feet elevation). This is the view.


111 – we were back to the car by 10 AM Sunday morning to get a head start on our trip back to SF. apparently, the forest wanted us to stay a few more hours, because this crazy tire damage was all from a rock smaller than my fist. the best part? having no cell-service and waiting 5 hours for a tow truck. no, the best part was being stuck overnight in tourist-crazy Universal City, home of Universal Studios. no, the best part was riding down a mountain in a tow truck and smelling my own body odor the whole time. oh, man, what a journey. we did get to try out Fabio Viviani’s old-school restaurant down the street, though!


112 – home, sweet home. also, I think I can cram a few more things into my hutch, don’t you?


113 – I’ve just realized I have to stop taking lunch pictures on campus. but it’s so pretty!


114 – our awesome new landlords mailed us BBQ sauce from The Pit! (they moved from SF to NC.) we didn’t even bother whining about the “western style” sauce because it was so dang awesome.


115 – someone was tuckered out. poor baby.


116 – somehow a Friday night of planned delivery turned into a dinner out at Foreign Cinema. best change of plans ever. their fried chicken (Asian-influenced) is killer.


117 – Chris organized a post-birthday celebration in Dolores Park on Saturday with a few friends. the weather was PERFECTLY SUNNY. we had jams to listen to, ice cream to eat, and an amazing cake with peanut butter icing from a new bakery (thanks, Judy!). it couldn’t have been a better day.


118 – on Sunday, we headed out for coffee and a nice stairway walk up through the east part of Bernal Heights. the view was so dang clear you could see Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks in the background. ps – these are some of the houses from the picture above, #102, but now up close and personal.


119 – oh, and don’t let your dream die. just don’t ;).