Happenings, Part 2

Another installment of random stuff. This is actually sorta fun. And it gives me a good excuse to post pictures that have nothing to do with food, like the above one at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre on Monday night.

Without further adieu ado, here’s this week’s roundup:

  • I bought 2 dresses in less than 5 minutes of being on this site. Whoopsie-daisy.
  • Can’t wait to head back to this winery THIS WEEKEND! Hootie hoo!
  • OMG. Yes, I heart cold brew coffee, now that I tried this. Watered down hot coffee will never taste the same.
  • Who got to see Radiohead at the Sharks‘ stadium while seated in THE owner’s box? Yes, that would be us.
  • We just “invested” in one of these last week, and I think I have two handfuls of sodas I want to make. We’ve also already made tonic water. Maybe I’ll share that recipe?
  • Speaking of making things, I tried out my beer-brewing kit, and in a month I should have some tasty Chocolate Maple Porter. Watch out! Oh, and have I mentioned how my husband is the best gift-giver?
  • Excited about reading this in the near future. This chik is f-ing hilarious.
  • A lovely interview from one of my favorite bloggers.
  • Also, I changed shampoo and I am diggin’ this one. It’s not even expensive, and my hair smells like the beach. Dreamy.
  • I have some soba noodles at home that will be just perfect with all of this. (thanks, Heidi, for the link. not that you read my blog, but thanks, anyway!)
  • Oh, and my best friend had a baby! A baby, for cryin’ out loud! Which is probably what that baby is doing right now. Anyhoo, I’m so excited for her, and can’t wait to meet her!
  • Ate here and here this week. Both extra delish.
  • If you like music without words (that isn’t classical at all. for serious.), check these guys from Texas out. Saw them this week for the third time and after a slight struggle, I am won over.
  • I finally joined Instagram (of course, now that Facebook has acquired them!) and I gotta say – what fun!

It’s been a good, and sort of relaxing, last couple of weeks. But birthday time is upon us, and I’m finishing up my 31st year on earth by drinking wine (yes, again!).

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Judy, why is your friend crossing his arms like that? tell him thanks for the lemons AND he’s weird.

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