Life. 365-Style (5/28-7/1)

I’m gonna go out there and say that this set of pictures is pretty boring compared to the last post. But really, what beats the Inca Trail? As it turns out, not much. But life back home in SF isn’t bad, either. The weather has been AMAZING, which means it’s been out of the 60s in the city. Last week, we hit the high 80s. How crazy is that?! Down south in Palo Alto? That’s another story – it sometimes feels like the seventh layer of hell there. In a totally good way, of course ;).

But enough of that. Here’s the pics.


148 – never mind the cat on the mantle – we brought back a bottle of PISCO! But really, how did she get there?


149 – a kale Caesar salad, and you’ll never guess the secret ingredient in the good-for-you dressing. Ok, I’ll tell you – silken TOFU. So damn tasty.


150 – whhhooooooo are youuuu looking at?


151 – peach season is upon us!


152 – taking advantage of a gorgeous day and wandering around Lands’ End with Brook, Katherine, and Graham (visiting from Chicago!)


153 – where’d Chris get that cute baby from? Meet Graham, Brook/Katherine’s bundle o’ fun.


154 – Happy 7th (!) anniversary to us! We loaded up on sushi from ICHI in Bernal Heights.


155 – do I have to tell you?


156 – why has it taken me 33 years to discover the awesomeness of a Pisco sour? and why do they go down so easily? hoo boy.


157 – still in love with my bike.


158 – meet Orson T Cumberbatch III !! This is Judy’s new doggy and he is killer cool. And so dang rotten.


159 – A Saturday full o’ beer, and a bus full of Apple folk. We stopped at Lagunitas (pictured), Russian River, and Bear Republic.


160 – fried chicken eggs benedict (what?) at Brenda’s. holy heaviness.


161 – this is how I spend my commutes these days. I’m on Season 5 now. Also, I LOVE Jerry’s sneakers.


162 – I’ve been looking forward to breakfast at The Mill on a rando day off. I finally made it there after a nice foggy run in Golden Gate Park and a drive by our old place. That Josey Baker knows how to bake, that’s fo sho.


163 – just another commute. i love how the sunshine makes my arm look ultra hairy.


164 – afternoon shade in the living room, and balls on the wall.


165 – a well-spent Friday night at El Techo de Lolinda with Liz & Kevin. Not a bad view, eh?


166 – Chris and I were sans plans on a Saturday night, so we up and decided to walk down the street for ramen at Ken Ken. It was a brilliant move.


167 – this was our appetizer almost every night of my childhood: garden-fresh cucumbers soaked in apple cider vinegar and cracked pepper +/- fresh tomatoes.


168 – the damn cat is cheating on me! but that’s ok, I always think it’s super sweet when she shares her love with people other than myself, even if it is infrequent.


169 – I made a pie version of the popular Indian samosa and I almost forgot to photograph the goodness. whoops. and yes, I used my regular recipe for pie crust, but with a mixture of 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white spelt flour.


170 – I’d love to find out who did this to their bike. I’d punch them.


171 – the other cooking thing I did recently is make 2 batches of pizza dough, which is enough for 4 4-serving pizzas. You freeze them individually and thaw overnight when you want to make pizza. this came in handy when the in-laws were in town. this is a hella tasty one: bacon, brussels sprouts, red onions.


172 – just seemed like a cool array of oranges and greys, one of my new favorite color combos.


173 – we made an attempt to go hiking in Point Reyes with Susan & Barry, but instead we ended up teaming up to change a leaky tire on the Mini. It seems that hiking and flat tires go hand in hand with us these days (see this post)! we made the best of it, and the pic above is of the signs on the crazy bathroom at the gas station. oh, small towns.


174 – why, yes. this is a miniature “castle”. outside of a soccer field in the Presidio.


175 – no words.


176 – didn’t know this was a shaky pic, but nonetheless, i was watching Iron Chefs battle Iron Chefs. Of course, I was going for Michael Symon, and of course, he won it all. duh.


177 – Tange has been taking prednisolone for almost a year now, but now we have to also start giving her thyroid meds twice a day. she is definitely getting tired of these pill pockets, so it’s time to break out the tuna! too bad you can’t shove pills into pieces of bacon…


178 – do you see the kitty in the window?


179 – another pizza night. this time using fresh kale, black beans, more bacon, and feta cheese.


180 – Pride weekend in the Castro. this guy was marrying people for 5 cents!


181 – spending Sunday on Lake Anderson is a good way to end the weekend, even if I do suck at wakeboarding.


182 – impromptu sandwich dinner: turkey, cheddar, and arugula with pickled red onion. i even tossed some miso butter on the grill pan to season the bread. CARB LOVE.

Cleveland Rocks

We’re starting to create a ‘list of lasts’ since we’re heading out of Chicago in a matter of months (well, weeks for Chris). And although we’ve been wanting to hit up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, we’ve put if off for a few years because it’s, well, in Cleveland. Our last trip to Ohio involved a Rush concert full of mullets and Budweiser, and as a result, I suppose it’s safe to say I haven’t had a real hankerin’ to repeat the 5-6 hour drive. However, The Boss himself roped us into it this time, and since the exhibit ends in February we couldn’t say no.

It was a quick trip, but a relatively easy drive out of Chicago, and I’m glad we went; one cross-through on our list, many more to go :).

I’m sad to report that there are no pictures to share of the Bruce Springsteen exhibit, since the RRHF is one of those weirdo museums that doesn’t allow photography indoors, so you’ll just have to imagine two floors full of Bruce paraphernalia, including his jeans from the Born in the USA cover, plenty of notebooks full of his song lyrics, and pictures that definitely take you back – even for me, and he’s old enough to be my dad. Let’s just say I’m glad he isn’t, because that would have been awkward…

And now I’m about to get a few shakes of the head, perhaps a few eye-rolls. I did not want to go to the A Christmas Story house and museum. This was all Chris, I’m afraid. And I’ll throw the confession out there and hope you quickly read over this sentence and don’t let it sink in like so many others have – I’ve never watched the movie completely….

But nonetheless, Chris was entertained, and I got to snap some pics, and it was all good. Aside from the fact that twenty dollars disappeared before my very eyes and I’m not sure if what I saw, and what I walked through, was worth that much.

Just sayin’.

Dinner was most certainly a bargain. Had we had more time, we would have also eaten at Fat Cat, a recommendation from my friend, Rachel. We did manage to squeeze in a little football-watching and a beer before dinner, but their food menu looked pretty tasty.

Instead, I decided a long time ago that if I ever went to Cleveland, and if I did it would probably only be once in my lifetime, that I’d eat at one of Michael Symon’s restaurants. I most definitely achieved that goal, and we had an awesome meal at Lolita, his spot in the more trendy neighborhood of Tremont. I have to admit – there were even brussels sprouts that I considered edible, but the braised rabbit with housemade pappardelle stole the show.

The drive home was full of snow, and despite the ginormous toll fees we had to pay, I’d have to say it was a nice trip. Will I go to Cleveland again? Well, no, but I answer that way only because our future trips to the midwest are already taken by Chicago, Rochester, MN, and Milwaukee. Either way, I’m glad we checked it off our list!