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the John Muir Trail

the John Muir Trail

Yeah, yeah. We hiked the John Muir Trail this last summer. No big deal. Except it was totally a big deal. This page contains all JMT links as Jennifer and I post our memories of the hike, day by day by day.

Preparing for the JMT

The Introduction
Meal Planning

Day by Day Adventures

Day 0: San Francisco to Yosemite
Day 1: Glacier Point trailhead to Little Yosemite Valley
Day 2: LYV to Half Dome to Sunrise High Sierra Camp
Day 3: Sunrise High Sierra Camp to Tuolumne Meadows
Day 4: Tuolumne Meadows to Lyell Fork Bridge
Day 5: Lyell Fork Bridge to Garnet Lake
Day 6: Garnet Lake to Red’s Meadow Resort
Day 7: Red’s Meadow to Lake Virginia
Day 8: Lake Virginia to Vermilion Valley Resort
Day 9: Zero Day at VVR!
Day 10: VVR to Marie Lakes Outlet via Bear Creek Trail
Day 11: Marie Lakes Outlet to Goddard Canyon Junction
Day 12: Goddard Canyon Junction to Sapphire Lake
Day 13: Sapphire Lake to Grouse Meadows
Day 14: Grouse Meadows to Lower Palisade Lake
Day 15: Lower Palisade Lake to Marjorie Lake
Day 16: Marjorie Lake to Rae Lakes
Day 17: Rae Lakes to Upper Bubbs Creek
Day 18: Upper Bubbs Creek to Tyndall Frog Ponds
Day 19: Tyndall Frog Ponds to Guitar Lake
Day 20: Guitar Lake to Whitney Summit to Whitney Portal
After the JMT